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Apply To Join Our Community!

As of this moment it's completely free to join.

Who is our community a good fit for?

Do you have an Ecommerce business? Do you want to start one? If the answer is yes to either, then you’re probably a great fit for our community. We want people of all knowledge and skill levels to feel welcome and like they have a place to learn and build their business in public.

What value does our community provide?

Our members are an incredible resource to one another. Is there a challenge you’re facing in your business? Are you curious what others think of a new industry trend? Ask away!

Building your business in a public forum where you can share progress, updates, and challenges offers both the encouragement and accountability many people are looking for.

The process of starting your own business although fulfilling is incredibly challenging. There's no reason you should have to go it alone.

Is it free to join?

Yes! At this time, it is completely free to apply and join!

What is our code of conduct?

We have a detailed code of conduct that can be found here. Please read it in its entirety. It can be summed up as be kind, be considerate, and be understanding in all your interactions on our community. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the community at our discrection.

Why do we have people apply?

Many of us who have been apart of online communities before have had an experience with a troll. All it takes is one bad actor to take a supportive uplifting environment and ruin the experience for everyone. Our thought is that most trolls wouldn’t exert the effort to go through an interview process.

Don’t overthink the interview. We basically just want to hear a bit about your business or the one you plan to start, and affirm that you’re passionate about this space.